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Atlass is committed to providing our clients with the very best in Digital Terrain Models and Digital Image Data. We specialise in high resolution Aerial Laser Surveys (LiDAR) and affordable Ortho-Rectified Aerial Images. Our unique position as owner/operator of the aircraft, survey equipment and processing facilities, gives us a major advantage in turn-around time, quality and price.

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Corner effects
Corner effects

Software Development

Atlass has developed in-house software for the processing of our LiDAR data. Read more »

Exceptional High Quality Images

Atlass has been working hard to perfect our high quality image workflow in advance of the delivery of our new 80Mpixel camera complete with true Forward Motion Compensation (FMC). Read more »

Atlass Experiencing Record Demand

Mine site LiDAR surveys, Stockpile Volumes, and Aerial ortho-images are our core business at Atlass. Read more »